Welcome To My Life!


If you were able to reach this page, I’d like to give my gratitude to you first for visiting this blog!

I am a girl. My name is Jan Alex Mecah L. Sumanting. 15 years of age. I love reading, watching sad movies (especially thai and korean movies! ugghhh their movies are heaveeeenn) and (probably) writing.

I really love collecting things. That’s one thing only some knew about me. I want to own something that’s been relevant to me or to someone from the past. I love the feeling of holding old things. I don’t know why but I can literally feel the satisfaction inside of me every time I hold them. Like the time when the pages of my books turn yellow or the flower I kept withered or when you can smell the scent of something old. Is that normal? Lol.

I soooooo love rock songs or any song that has a fast beat lol. My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Paramore, E-heads etc. are just few of the hundreds of bands/singers that I love. I’m a lowkey lover of K-POP haha! Korean groups are the ones who accompany me every time I’m confused *insert laughing emoji* .

I love the feeling of being alone. Sometimes I would just sit and not talk to anyone but I’d also interact with some of my friends.

But I hate going out alone. I’m a very shy person so I really need someone who can guide me outside because I couldn’t ask a question every time I’m alone and I could literally feel the sensitivity of my senses and the feeling that everyone’s looking at me is like torture.

The main reason why I created this blog is to express the words I couldn’t spill. To recall the memories I’d like to linger on me for years. To just simply talk about things I’m too shy to say out loud.

English is not my first language so the posts here might contain grammatical errors. I have flaws, I’m not perfect but despite all the imperfections, I want to inspire people who can relate to me.