You are a masterpiece

Your love completes me

Your kisses are heaven

But like every masterpiece

You were broken

Like every glass

You were shattered

And just like everyone else

You’ve broken the pieces

You once completed.

You broke me.

You were once a masterpiece

And now, you’re just a piece

Waiting for someone

To call you a masterpiece, again.

Book Currently Vol. 1

So I’m currently reading Things We Know By Heart (my apologies for the blurred photo, too tired to take another shot haha!). Actually I’ve been trying to finish this book for I think the last 3 weeks but it was our exam week last week so I’m here stuck on Chapter 14 hahaha SHAME ON ME!

The book talks about a girl who wants to meet the receiver of the heart of her deceased boyfriend (is that even understandable? Lol) . So it’s a sacrificial and healing love concept. Read a few chapters and already hooked to it but because of the limited ability of my eyes (huhu) to read, I can’t finish it immediately! My old reading habits were already broken and now, I cant read until midnight unless I want to wake up the next morning throwing up for the whole day Arghh. So it’s a great read! Even more nice to read if you want to appreciate your life truly.

So below is just one of the thousands of beautiful and meaningful qoutes inside that book. Enjoy!


Oh Nothing Just Me Sharing 1.2

I just got home from school and I can’t think of anything to do except updating this blog, am I addicted already? haha! Though Im just really tired from the practice we had earlier and Im trying to find peace here lol.

But on a serious note, we have to present a speech choir for our school’s Buwan Ng Wika celebration and we only have less than two weeks to practice and it’s a one long bond paper, two columns LONG. WHAAATTTTTTT. And then there are misunderstandings, the burden of “perfection” and those hard-headed classmates, hayyy di najd sila mawala!


“Kaya rana” – someone told me that.

I really hope I we can do it. I hope.

Oh Nothing Just Me Sharing 1.1

“Tabang, unsa man akong buhaton?”

I encountered that question a few days ago and the only thing that I answered was “Wala jod ko kabalo.” 

I seriously don’t know how to answer every time someone asks me or wants to ask for some advice. I think the best way to do is to think about the things you’ve done in the past and how it resulted to that. I, myself, don’t know the real story so imagine how hard it is for someone who don’t even have a single idea about what’s happening to tell you what to do.

Asking some advice is a dangerous act. Either you’re the victim or the suspect, if that person first heard your side of the story, he/she will directly root for you and give you some advice that will only benefit you. I think that’s 65% true (based on my personal observations only hah!). It’s better to know first the cause of the problem and never let pride take over you.

To someone who asked me for help, I hope you already know the answer to your question. Remember, the heart never fails you. Just believe and pray for help.

Oh Nothing Just Me Sharing

So my classmate just pranked me! I literally felt my heart beating way beyond my normal heartbeat. How dare you! Never joke like that again! That was just an immature move to do by someone who’s already 15 years old! Argghhhhh I don’t know if I should laugh about it or teach him a lesson tomorrow haha! But above all, we have a performance task and a report to manage tomorrow. I must focus my mind to that and not to senseless things. Bye guys!



Sa nag-aagaw na pula at kahel sa langit

Isang tanawin na labis akong naakit

Ngunit pagtingin ko sa iyong mukha

Bakit hindi ko magawang magsalita?


Bakit nawala ang paningin ko sa langit

Kung saan una akong naakit?

Bakit ‘di ko matanggal ang tingin sa iyo

Kahit nakatayo ka lamang sa harapan ko


Nakuha mo ang puso ko ng walang dahilan

Ngayon ay labis na nasasaktan

Dahil ‘di mo man lang ako matingnan

Kasalanan ko ba kung nabighani ako

Sa isang taong iba ang pinipintig ng puso?


Sana pala ay hindi nalang ako lumingon

Sa isang taong ayaw tumugon

Sana pala ay nagpatuloy nalang

Ang tingin ko sa langit

Upang hindi maramdaman ngayon ang sakit



Hi! First of all I want to congratulate Pia Wurtzbach for bringing home the Bacon! Yes, Finally after 42 years, the crown is once again OURS.

Now, I want to post my say about what happened during the announcement.

The announcement was very unexpected. The mess was done already and I really admire Steve Harvey for correcting his mistake. Although the Colombians’ rage towards the show could have been prevented or lessen if they immediately stopped Paulina Vega from crowning Miss Colombia. It could have been less painful for Miss Colombia and to her fellow Colombians as well , but again, the damage was done already and at least, the Filipino pride won!

Pia just raised the standards of every Filipina who dreams on becoming the next Miss Universe. Social awareness, being confident and true to your self, and having the spirit of a humble winner and a good loser are the factors that will definitely make a women a Miss Universe.

Guys, It took Pia 3 years and 42 years for our country to claim the crown again. This only means that everything is possible if you wait and work hard for it.

“I want to show the world-the universe rather- that I am confidently beautiful with a heart” 

-Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015