An Open Letter

Was it nice? Was it worth it?

Those are the questions I’ve always wanted to ask. It’s not about the feelings, or the eagerness to get back together, it’s the closure that I want.

Days spent with you would forever be in my heart. All may not be happy moments but the lessons I learned will never be forgotten.

You taught me how love isn’t about holding on to that person, it’s how far you can sacrifice despite the fact that it would tore you into pieces. You made me realized not to give all your attention to someone and how you should love yourself more than others. You taught me how to keep going despite breaking.  Continue reading “An Open Letter”

Got My Hype Back

Woooowww posted 3 entries already after such a loooong time haha (not bad). Hope this continues for a long time 😉 For now I’m gonna take a rest after writing that 800-word entry (ang liit lang 😦 ) Next time if something remarkable or unforgettable happens, I would write it with thousand of words combined haha.

Bye everyone, ’till next time!

The Sunday Currently | 04

It’s unusual for me to write The Sunday Currently entry at night but since it’s christmas break already and I can now sleep veeerrryyy late (though I’ve been always sleeping late these past weeks despite having a class tomorrow haha) so here it goes; How’s my Sunday Night?



My journal haha it’s been three years already since someone gave it to me but it isn’t full yet. I’m such a lazy person lul


Hmmm this entry and and typing reply messages to my classmates. It’s been awhile since I had a conversation with them ❤


Not really listening to a song but it’s commercial break on tv so I’m quite listening to them while multi-tasking (talents!!! haha)


If when will I finally be able to speak Korean Language :((  You can see it naman on my featured image that there’s some Hangul characters written on the side haha. Yesterday I decided to read some articles and websites that teach Korean Basics and for a beginner (not bragging though I’m just hype about this matter!!) I can already read the basic Hangul. For additional info, I even downloaded Korean keyboard just to be able to write it hahaha (Is this still normal? luuul)

 It’s suuuuchhhh an achievement for me since I really loove Korea and these past weeks I’ve been watching K-Dramas and I couldn’t help feeling jealous to them :(. I hope someday I can finally talk and understand fully Hangul. After all, determination is the key 😉


*sniffs* Whuuuut can’t smell anything


For everything to be okay


I mentioned it earlier haha to be able to understand Hangul to the point that I don’t need to read subtitles anymore or feel sad if there’s no subtitles on yt haha (it’s such a struggle to admire people with different language :(( )

And oh, I hope I can finally get my wisdom tooth checked. Since I’ve been going to the clinic 3 times already and still couldn’t fit to their schedules so I hope tomorrow is the day *puppy eyes*


Those typical night clothes haha


This K-Drama I’ve watched which is Bride of the Century. I finished it already but it’s such a funny series haha I highly recommend it to all those Korean Lovers out there and Oh this drama The Girl Who Can See Smells is also nice. If you want fantasy, comedy, thriller and romance drama, watch it 🙂

Special thanks to Johanna, my friend, for recommending such nice dramas. 고마워요!




It’s still the same every entry, I need vacation, badly, hays.


I ain’t joking but I feel so fresh right now hahahaha

hEEYY this is me on Sunday Night. Interested on making one? Join us!

Join the The Sunday Currently by Siddarthon!

Forgetting Someone

Can we really forget a person?

Well if you have amnesia or what it is possible to forget a person or even a bunch of people. But what about those normal and healthy people? Can they get what they want which is to forget people?

I personally believe that you cannot forget a person. They will always be there. They will always be inside your mind, or you can always see them around when you go out and you can always get bump into each other in this round world. Now how can you forget a creature you always see?

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Missing Thoughts (Where are you?)

It’s been a while since I wrote a long entry which is odd since there were many things that happened after I came back from Tagum.

I’ve been wanting to write entries (sooooooo much) but I just couldn’t hold whatever words there are inside my brain and its frustratinggg. I hope I can already regain my passion for blogging and start making one.


I desperately need some inspirations (ugh)

The “3 Days 2 Nights” Aguakan Escapade

Heellllooooo its been a loooong time since I last posted an entry so preach me for being hardworking since I decided to make an entry about our trip and believe me, its gonna be a loooooooong one

I just got here on Tagum last Saturday and the family planned to go to Aguakan on Tuesday. This Aguakan Cold Spring Resort family fascination started waaayy back. I think its already a family tradition to spend time to relax there but it stopped when everyone were already busy for their own businesses and it took 8 years to be back there.

Before, it would take 2-4 hours to arrive there since the roads were rough and its located on top of the mountain; the reason why the water is sooooooooo cold brrr.

I was not that excited on Monday evening and I didn’t even prepare my clothes. Due to some reasons I just don’t feel the enthusiasm on going there. My mother woke us up 5 in the morning during Tuesday and I feel like floating that time (ugggghhh mothers). I get that she was so excited to go there since we rarely got a time to relax and it’s a whole family vacation (my grandmother’s children and her children’s children are going thereeee) so that’s why they were all excited.

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The Wedding Singer

So I just finished watching The Wedding Singer  and goodness I love it! It’s a 1998 movie and I don’t care! I love Adam Sandler’s character here which is different from the first movie of him I saw ( It was You Don’t Mess With the Zohan) hahahah. I didn’t know he has that good voice! And that song? Grow Old With You? ughhh I’ll forever adore every words and feels in that. It fits perfectly to the movie and it has something special that caught my heart.

The words used in the song were simple but it’s simplicity made it extraordinary! Hayyy I think it would take weeks or months or maybe yearsss before I finally get over to this movie. Thank you, The Wedding Singer, for teaching me that love doesn’t matter on how you feel about someone, it matters on how they make you feel about yourself and I’ll give a credit to you for filling my Sunday.

Here’s Julia thinking she’ll be forever alone haha awww she’s so cuteeee


Have a nice week ahead guys!


When I looked at the sky

I saw your face

It shone together with the stars

But as the satellite passed through it

Slowly you fade away

You went together with the wind

And you left me wishing for another moment

To witness your face at the sky, again.