Pre and Post DSPC Contest

Hello guys! What’s up? Actually i am very sorrryyy for my tardiness. I just ouldn’t find the perfect timing to write an entry about my life and whatsoever. This has been an entry that I’ve been wanting to do quite some time now but yeah, talking about laziness and busy scheds. So here is it!!! What happened about my Journalism journey this year and what are our achievements?

First things first, lets start with the DSPC or the Division Schools Press Conference. This is my 2nd time joining DSPC. For the informaton of everyone I was not able to make it to top 5 last year (u need to be in top 5 to advance to regional competition) so I competed during the division with a crashed hope; cause i thought i cannot do it!!. So days before the dspc contest, there were no trainings, we were put up in a battle with no armors. yes, that was out feeling. The on October 12, the proper contest happened. I can still remember my tension BUT I was not that nervous compared to last year. I actually had more opponents than the last and the thing that I kept on telling to myself is to just FINISH the article and that no matter what the results would be, I’ll accept it then try again next year.

During the awarding on the next day, majority of us decided not to attend (bc we might just get false hopes). So i remembered laying down on our sofa that time, with our gc on messenger notifying me. And then my co-journalist was awarded, and then the other and then the other one, and I was so happy for them!!!! I did not expect anything that time but me waiting on the next message of our adviser is still very clear to me as well as the announcement that  I AM ONE OF THE REGIONAL QUALIFIERS!!!!!!! I mean out of 17 contenders I was able to secure the 4TH PLACE. I mean WAAAAAAAH I did not expect it huhu!!!!! I immediately took a bath and went to the school for regional training! I mean i was beaming the whole time Sir Aries was lecturing in front. I did not care about what they would say I was just happy I was able to make it!

But yeah, life isnt all about excitements and happiness. For you to be able to make it to RSPC, your school must submit a school paper publication. It was so enjoyable the last time we made a school paper but this time, i was the sole Filipino representative of our school and our school paper advisers LITERALLY did not have any experiences about journalism or anything related to it.

So we were given atleast 2 weeks to create a school paper but because of hectic schedules, we worked out a 16-page school paper for a week. Yes, a week. It was soooooooo hard. I mean since our advisers did not have any experience, I was the one handled the process of it. I arranged the articles, created headlines and such, with of course the help of my co-journalist. There were moments of breakdown and giving up. One night i told myself to let go of the regionals and just go back home and get a good night sleep. But everytime I see my co journalist alsto trying their best even if theyre not qualified for the regionals, that was my strength.

I slept at 6 in the morning and then wake up at 10, write, and then helped the lay-out artist. I consecutively slept 5 in the morning for three days (that was when the deadline is near) and when I saw our output being printed, i mean after days of hardwork, it was more than a pleasure.

The weekend after the deadline is the announcement of winner. This is the saddest part.

The announcement of winners was held on Nov 4. We did not see any Ang Banyuhay on the list. We accepted defeat. Even though the english school paper made it through despite their translated articles from us. Depressing. But we must accept.

Then recently, we just heard a heartbreaking news. Our school paper, which was created with blood and sweat, was left on the guard house. That is why it did not win because it did not even went to the evaluators eyes! Sir Aries looked for it because Ang Banyuhay was the CHAMPION on 2017 NATIONAL SCHOOLS PRESS CONFERENCE school paper contest for feature section. I mean how could that happen??? Our advisers passed it together with The Sentinel and then the sentinel was critiqued and then Ang Banyuhay was left on the  division’s GUARD HOUSE? That was absurd.

But yeah, they already announced the winners it is not revocable. The thing that we filipino writers only hoped is to do better next time.

So those are the things that happened before and after DSPC. I am going to make a separate entry for my RSPC journey because that would be a long one hihi. I only got 3 pictures during DSPC and that was even after the contest. Pls bear with me hehe



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