The Sunday Currently | 08

It has been a loooong time since I made an entry on this blog. I just could not find any motivation to write despite the things that have been going on around me. Words were and are starting to exhale away from me. In short, I’ve been having a hard time describing things in letters. So for now, I’m just gonna post a Sunday Currently entry. I promise, my dear blog, I’ll fill you up with stories. Soon.



I really am not reading anything. Not just at this moment but also these past few weeks. The last book I read was November 9 by Colleen Hover and that was on May I think?? Yep, it is not my regular reading habit. I am trying to cultivate that inner passion again.


This post


The sound of my electric fan. Ang ingay!



About the upcoming school week. I am a Senior High student now and our proper class started last week. I can say it is really different from my Junior Highschool days so I am thinking whether I’ll get that fuel to improve myself more or I’ll help myself be discouraged and’ll continue the unproductiveness 😦

Oh, self, help us.


My moisturizer?


For a nice and productive week ahead


For me to achieve my fullest potential and to finally identify my asset. It’s difficult whenever people around you seems to truely know themselves and you’re just there like “Okay, continue your passion. I’l just witness all of you succeed.” Ugh


White t-shirt and a comic shorts LOL


The universe. The world. Everyone. Charot!


Oppo f7. YEP it is a want because my phone’s still working (tho it keeps on lagging but I can work on that) but I like it. 😦




Genuinely grateful yet beyond joy 🙂

By the way, here’s a pic of me. Missed me? LOL as if there are people who read my posts HAHA!

4-up on 24-6-18 at 11.41 am (compiled)

So this is me today, How about you?

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