The Sunday Currently | 07

Hello! What’s up to all the people (as if someone would really read my post lol). It has been so long since my last Sunday Currently entry and I was still in Grade 9 that time. I’m Grade 10 now! So I was pretty busy these past few days and I kind of missed writing that’s why I’m back at it again. Now, how’s my Sunday Afternoon?



Just like on the featured image, I was reading Lang Leav’s The Universe of Us and finished it before making an entry. Ugh, the words used by Lang Leav fill my bones and stunned me like a thunderbolt. She was right, words are really your power.

I recommend you guys to read Lang’s pieces, there are all absolutely and certainly amazing!

P.S Just prepare a dictionary beside you. Sometimes her words are so deep my mere mind cannot not take it all.


This post


The noises created by the workers outside. I opened my window kasi so I could really hear all those sounds.

But with exception to the noises, I am, of course, listening to Ed Sheeran! Who would not listen to him, anyway? Oh Ed, why you make me feel like I’m falling in love.



Why Alex&Sierra broke up! Oh nooooo I really couldn’t understand it at first! Why? But at the end of the day, I’m just a fan so I’ll still support them in any ways even if that means supporting them differently.

In other terms, I am also thinking about what will happen tomorrow for our Sabayang Pagbigkas. We need to present it on Tuesday and we still weren’t able to practice! Halp


Oh, nothing.


To take a break.


For a faster week ahead. I want days to catapult before me. I feel like I’m living in a prison without bars and all it takes to find solace is to witness those stars fall for me.


A t-shirt and shorts


The new words I encountered. Thanks to you Lang.


To unwind and more me time.


Motivation and inspiration. I can feel myself slowly losing that eagerness and excitement in anticipating mornings. Mornings meant new life for me, before, but now, it suffocate me. The thought of waking up again just doesn’t feel right. I’m on the point of my life where I’m so tired, I am already oblivious. I just want to rest. Please.



So this is me today, How about you?

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