As I listened to 2013 songs, it brought back memories. Memories that I shouldn’t remember nor recall but what can I do? Do I have to hit my head against the wall to forget all those things? I can’t. I won’t.

I felt the coldness of your hands and I thought maybe your heart is as cold as that hand. I don’t want to keep those fragrant moments, if possible I want to erase them immediately, but there’s something about your trembling hands that made my mind travel back to that exact time of our lives.

Why feel nervous all of a sudden? Nervous about the people watching? Or nervous because you have to do it with someone you don’t like?

I couldn’t possibly recognize the feelings I felt. It was puzzled, bizarre, confusing emotions. I know I should have stopped this long ago. I stopped, you know. I held back myself from giving attention to you and I know I’m treating you like a stranger but I’m still aware of you. And I’m aware on everything you do to her.

W0W, I wrote this on the 17th of February. I can still remember that pang in my heart. I fell but right now, I’m happy. I know the happiness won’t last long but please, let me be happy. Just this once.

(c) to the photo



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