The Sunday Currently | 06

It has been a while since I posted. Lately, I couldn’t think right about things like there has been so much that happened. Also, the projects and schoolworks are no joke this time around for only few weeks left and I could finally say ba-bye to my 10-month Junior HighSchool. So I felt bored watching tv so I decided to compose a Sunday Currently entry at a Sunday evening (which is very rare). Okay let’s start; How is my Sunday Evening?



I’m not really reading anything but after posting this, I’m gonna read my notes during our Physics class. Oh Science, why are u such a heartbreak?


This post


Hypnotised by Coldplay. Not a big fan of them but they are really a fantastic band.

And oh, have you guys heard ed’s divide??? All songs are fantastic!! FANTASTIC! Perfect is my favorite so far (Though I already listened to 98% of his album’s songs)


If what might happen after Grade 9. And also if what might happen this week. Seriously tho I have this feeling like something happened and I do not have any idea about it. Like everyone has been keeping secrets from me and they are just waiting for it to uncover on its own and for me to discover it myself. Ugh I hate this.




To be able to finish a book!!


For us to finish our Noli Me Tangere filming annnd for me to know what’s this secret is all about.

AND for us to have a successful AP symposium. Goodluck Team Agriculture!


Pajamas and some sleeveless shirt.


It took me a while to write something for this. Ugh I don’t know I can’t think of something that I love.


Books and More kdramas


Some talks and meditations. Its been days since I endure this heavy heart and I want to unfold this mystery already. PLEASE, I want to know what all of this is about. You all have been weird lately around me and everytime I ask about it you guys would just reply with ,”Its not the right time yet.”

What is it and why do it seems like its such a painful truth? From the way you all are trying to hide it and from the way you all are acting.


Heavy. So heavy that I couldn’t force myself to be productive at this crucial time.

So this is my heavy Sunday evening, How about yours? Join us!

Join the The Sunday Currently by Siddarthon!


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