The Sunday Currently | 05 😫

Hi Everyone, (if there are still people who read my blog posts), this is my first post in 2017 and it’s been a while too since my mind decided to make an entry. Actually, it’s our 3rd Quarter Examination tomorrow and what made the situation worser is that we just started regular classes last week; which means it only took a week to take up all coverage. Since a week is such a short time, teachers decided to include those past lessons. So in order to calm my mind a little after facing books for hours, here it is: How’s My Sunday Afternoon?



A Filipino story which is included in our examination. It’s entitled Pabula ng Alibughang Anak or in English The Prodigal Son. It’s a bible story.


This blog post. My hands are actually hurting after doing some exercises last Friday (Perks of having an athletic friend. Charot!)


Not listening to a song. The sounds that I can hear while writing this is our electric fan and voices from a movie on GMA.


If what will happen to me tomorrow. Seriously, I only like studied for half an hour and spent almost the rest of the day watching videos on youtube and reading. I feel so lazy these days argh


*sniffs* There’s nothing! haha


To be able to finish 2 kdramas next week 💪


For a nice year ahead. I can say that I’ve been suffering emotionally since 2015 and greatly affects the way I interact to other people. I was trying extremely hard to keep the positive vibes on the grasp of my hands but I couldn’t. I’m slowly changing the way I think unto things and I am aware it isn’t good. I hope I can finally find my ‘sound’ this year. And more positiveness around! It’s been so long since I became ‘genuinely optimistic’.


A very comfy shorts and blouse. I’m ready to sleep with this clothes!


BLACKPINK! They’re my newly stanned group and I just love them! It’s very hard to choose a bias for all the four of them slaaayy. It’s rare for me to stan a girl group since I sometimes find them ‘pa-cute’ (no offense  to all girl groups’ fans) but with BP, I cannot contain my excitement! I just wish they’ll perform Boombayah (which I know is impossible) for I love their dance moves in that song. BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREYUUH!

And oh, I just saw a post this morning which revealed their official fandom name. Hello fellow BLINKers! 💗


All The Bright Places book and to watch more KDramasss


Sleep. These bags under my eyes keep on staying. I can clearly see black marks under it hay wish I could turn back the time when my face is still fresh 😝 lul


A little not good. I think it’s because of my afternoon nap. And my head is throbbing also which makes it impossible to review to another subjects tonight. Oh dear, please give me some perseverance.

So this is my afternoon, How about yours? Join us!

Join the The Sunday Currently by Siddarthon!


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