How’s My 2016?

So if in Korea there’s a year-ender music festival like KBS and SBS Gayo, here I’m gonna make a year-ender entry too!

Actually the first part of my entry was written on Christmas Eve (December 24) since we don’t celebrate Christmas, I just finished watching the K-dramas I downloaded annnnd used few hours to compose little paragraphs. The last part was written on New Year’s Eve hahaha I don’t want to post it on 2017 so I really made sure to fit writing on my schedule. So ito na tapos na story-telling! How’s My 2016?

Honestly, I needed to think for a minute to write something that could describe my 2016 buuut I came into some worddss yeay!.

Came so fast, Went by so fast.  When I thought earlier of the things I did this year, it felt like I just did simple things. Things that are not worth for 366 days!!but if I were to think clearly about all the things I did this year, it’s quite a few (hahaha) . I can still remember the first day of school tho and now just few more days and nights and its 2017 already hayyy.

Unexpected. Yes, unexpected. Many unexpected things happened but no unexpected people tho hahaha. I think I haven’t met new people this year (luh? is that even possible? ? ?) But seriously, I don’t remember meeting someone new (If do really met someone, I’m sorry if I couldn’t remember you 😦 I do have some memory issues huhu) 

Stressful. uggghhhhhh I’m Grade 9 now and it’s very busy in school especially when we were still working our thesis papers :(( Thesis was the reason why I can now easily sleep verrryyy late (like 2 in the morning) despite on weekdays. Thesis taught me so many things hahaha and oh, the “trembling-knees” I’ve gotten during the Thesis Defending?!! Even now on holidays, we still got many projects to do. Hay life.

Fun. Despite the stress from schoolworks and teachers, I still find it enjoyable tho 🙂

FULL OF DRAMAS!!!. CAPSLOCK PARA INTENSE! I faced and witnessed so many dramas this year (if you’re thinking about k-dramas, no, real dramas like in real life) I can’t believe I surpassed those #laban

I ruined my reading habits. I still read guys but it’s completely different before. Especially now that it’s holiday break, supposed to be I already finished a book everyday but no, I now spend my time watching k-dramas. I still wasn’t able to finish a book or even started reading a book (wuuuw) Even on social medias, I rarely check it now. (oppas, y u do dis?) hahah


This is me on New Year’s Eve and I couldn’t think straight on what to write next. I just came home after helping in our family business and now I don’t have any idea on how’s my 2016 lul.

So to wrap up this entry, I just want to thank the people I interacted with this year. 2016 might not be the best year for me (I still don’t have a “best” year haha if that’s even possible) but the people I met made those 366 days fun. The talks and lessons I heard and learned gave me an outlook on what to do to make the next year memorable. Thank you to the people who filled me with love and support, I love you all! ❤ 사랑해 😉


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