K-Dramas I’ve Watched This Year (2016)

This is my first time making or compiling the K-dramas I watched since 1) It’s the first time that I’m so excited and really eager to watch a drama 2) Despite our slowwwwww internet connection, I really waited just to watch the whole series so here it is !!

Actually, I’ve watched K-dramas that I didn’t finish. I don’t know why but it takes a lot for a series to convince me that I should finish them hahah and sometimes our internet connection discouraged me. Now in 3… 2…. 1!

(They’re arranged from first to last drama I’ve watched)

1. My Lawyer, Mr. Jo


I watched this on summer thanks to the recommendation of my friend haha. I was bored that time and since our house in Tagum City has a greeeeat internet connection, I grabbed the opportunity.

This drama talks about a prosecutor who lost his position because he stood up for what was right. After losing everything, he slept on the street and because of some circumstances, he was able to rebuild his life as a lawyer at a small neighborhood law practice. He then looked for justice and protects the innocent.

This is not just a simple “law” genre drama. It also gives a glimpse of the reality of the governments in the world right now and how devastating the effects are if we continue to hide the truth. I must-must-must recommend it to the people 😉

2. My Love, Eun Dong


Noticed how they both start with “My” hahaha. So I watched together with My Lawyer, Mr. Jo. Honestly, I watched this drama because I was intrigued on its trailer on ABS-CBN. I immediately checked it on kissasian and goodness it was quite good!

This drama talks about a love which started waaayyy back. They have this certain age difference. i even searched about it before and I forgot it now haha but on the drama, they first saw each other when the boy was in highschool ( I suddenly remembered it now just after typing haha I think the boy was 18 and then the girl is 13 ?? But I’m sure they have a 5- year gap) so because of some matter the girl , Eun Dong, left and the boy wasn’t able to get the full name of Eun Dong. Unexpectedly, after 10 years, they saw each other again and they became lovers BUT! a love triangle occured between the boy and this friend of Eun Dong. They were separated again and met after 10 years again! Haba ng explanation ko bes!

This drama is about a love that wasn’t shaken despite the great span of time that they were separated. This will give you love and heartaches. I want to write here the reason why they were separated again for the second time but that would spoil the whole drama so if you’re interested, please watch it (they’re underrated :(( )

3. Doctors (Not -finished)


Okay I have an explanation why I stopped watching Doctors. I looooove the beginning of Doctors, believe when I say that I wasn’t bored when I watched its earlier episodes and I even cried on Episode 3 (see remember ko pa hahaha) BUT! when siberian husky oppa came out and showed his affection towards the character of park shin hye, I WAS DEEPLY TRUELY AND EXTREMELY AFFECTED BY SECOND LEAD SYNDROME!!! My heart aches with siberian husky and I just couldn’t stand watching park shin hye with hong hong hong :((.

For more info, I stopped watching Doctors on the part where Hye Jung and Dr. Hong were already together 😦

But over all, it’s a nice drama and good in feeding up your inner love for medicine haha.

4. Healer (Not-finished)


I watched it together with Doctors on around September. Actually I wasn’t able to finished this because the episodes I was downloading kept on failing on consecutive days ( The same goes for Oh My Venus drama where I stopped watching it because of internet issues) . I lost all the hype and motivation so I decided to stop. But, I’m gonna finish this drama next year on summer for I’m still curious about it even now.

I cannot write any explanation about this for I only watched the episodes which I think only gave an introduction about the characters and there was still some scenes that I know would only be explained on further episodes.

It’s a mystery- romance drama I think and also Kim Nana on City Hunter is there ( Oh how I missed her relationship with Lee Minho </3 ) 

5. Yong Pal


GOODNESS THIS IS A DRAMA IM STILL NOT OVER WIITTHHH!! I can’t move on really! It was just so good from the casts, storyline, and the uniqueness of the characters hayyy.

I watched this for again, I was intrigued on its trailer on GMA. I started watching it on December ( Noticed how many months passed before I was able to watch a drama completely) I love mystery-romance genres so don’t fight me and Kim Tae Hee huhu  she doesn’t age at all! Look at her she’s so beautiful!!! (I first saw her on My Princess which is my young self’s favorite drama even until now) 

This is her February issue on InStyle and she’s so prettyy And she’s 36 years old!! 36! How to be u po unnie 😦

It’s my first time to watch Joo Won and really shipped her together with Kim Tae Hee but since we all know that she has a long-time boyfriend, Rain, we couldn’t do anything about it haha. I even came up to the point where I searched their behind the scenes and their videos together with Kim Tae Hee. There’s this part where i realized Im completely hooked with this drama when I survived watching a documentary without english subtitles just to watch their behind the scenes! Their preparation for the drama was unbelievable! It took them many months to create a womb of a mother to create this scene where the male lead would operate a Cesarean Surgery . See!!

This is a whirlwind romance and medical drama which tells the reality of life. This isn’t a typical doctor who would save people because he has a kind heart, this gives us a look on how most of the doctors work today. This is a must recommended drama!

6. Bride Of The Century


This is also a must must must must recommended drama! I watched it right after I finished Yong Pal and I don’t know, it’s so funnyyy hahaha.

This talks about a girl who became a knock-off when Yi Kyung, supposed to be the bride of Choi Kang Ju, disappeared. She pretended to be her since they look-a-like and because of her personality, she was able to enter in Kang Ju’s heart but, there’s this rumor circulating that the first wife of the eldest son of the Choi family will die as it will be given as sacrifice to a ghost that has been protecting their household. So will this stop the love story of Kan Ju and the knock -off? The answer, watch it!

The whole time I was watching it, it’s either I laugh or symphatize with them. I love it!

7. The Girl Who Sees Smells


This is also a funny drama which talks about a witness of a certain murder case who is after waking up from a coma, started seeing smells. The guy lead here also has a rare disease where he cannot feel any pain. This gives us a funny, romantic, and thrilling storyline especially when they were still looking for the murderer.

I really find the female lead pretty hayy she was really fitting for the role! And Oh, their Osts arrreee soooo fine I was inlove. Daebak!

8. Who Are You (School 2015)

whoThis has the same plot with Bride Of The Century where the other one disappeared and one must take her place but difference is that they are twins that lived away from each other and the girl who took the place of her twin wasn’t aware since she lost her memories after trying to kill herself from all the bullying she experienced.

Warning! Second Lead Syndrome!! Thankfully, I was able to end it since this is a teenage drama and I just felt that the second lead was really rejected on its final episode haha. Sungjae is just so cute even his character on Goblin is still funny!

For the record, this is the drama where I cried the most. I cried on this few-second scene where little tae kwang saw his parents fighting. His reaction was just so powerful I literally cried even if the scene was already done. I also cried where Tae Kwang visited his father on prison, goodness his facial expressions there is not just a pa-cool acting, it symbolizes a real cry of a child after seeing his father’s suffering. All in all, I cried mostly on Gong Tae Kwang’s scenes hahaha.

9. Another Miss Oh


This is my year-ender drama which I finished last night.

This talks about two girls which have the same name, Oh Hae Young. The other one is pretty and good at school while the other one is completely the opposite of her which caused constant comparison between the two. Then this certain guy Park Do-Kyung, did a terrible mistake which made him have a connection between the two Oh Hae Youngs.

This drama tells how we should follow what our heart wants and never mind our fears. We must be brave and bold in love to be able to have a happy life until we die. Honestly, I thought this is just a typical drama which is why I kind of stopped watching it but I already downloaded some episodes and when I already saw few episodes, I was already clueless on what will happen! Even on their finale episode, I never thought that will happen!

Their characters also spiced up the whole drama because even the minor roles became significant. You will laugh and cry in this series but I assure you, it’s worth watching 🙂

10. Goblin


This is still an on-going drama BUT GHAAD the cinematography, the storyline, EVERYTHING was sooo good! I can’t wait to watch the next episodes. Sungjae is also here and just like what I said, he’s still funny!

This talks about a goblin who is looking for his bride to be able to live peacefully. He is an immortal which was given as a punishment to him to let him watch all the deaths of his loved ones. He was able to witness generations and he’s still alive. This is a reincarnation, fantasy, melodrama and romantic drama which is on the minds of millions of people around the globe. I rarely watch famous dramas but this drama deserves all the attentions and love! This will make you laugh, confused but mostly laugh about the different perspectives of their characters. Looking forward to it! ❤



So this what completes my 2016 🙂 Mind you, there are arranged on the time I watched them so starting from Yong Pal, those are all the dramas I finished and watched this December haha.

Actually I also watched some episodes of Love In The Moonlight, I guess Im gonna finish it next year ( If I would like the story hehe)

P.S The featured image describes me a lot. How I linger on the drama even if its finished already hayy but that’s it. There’s a great boundary between fantasy and reality. After all, we must remember that there are still fictional and some things that we want to happen to us only exist in books, movies or dramas. It is only their work to pleasure us, to relax our minds and to fill up our imaginations to give us some advice or tips on how to make our day better and fun.


Thank South Koreans for making us happy and enjoy your masterpieces. It was a great year together with you, I hope we could make it last longer 🙂


This is my 2016 klover self signing off.



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