An Open Letter

Was it nice? Was it worth it?

Those are the questions I’ve always wanted to ask. It’s not about the feelings, or the eagerness to get back together, it’s the closure that I want.

Days spent with you would forever be in my heart. All may not be happy moments but the lessons I learned will never be forgotten.

You taught me how love isn’t about holding on to that person, it’s how far you can sacrifice despite the fact that it would tore you into pieces. You made me realized not to give all your attention to someone and how you should love yourself more than others. You taught me how to keep going despite breaking. 

Is it normal to have nights where I would dream about you and wake up thinking what might happen if we’re still here? Is this the time where I will regret my decisions?

No. I would never regret the things I’ve done before. All the sacrifices, the pain, the sleepless nights are worth it. It’s worth it than having you by my side.

There is one thing that I forgot to mention on the things you taught me to; you taught me that in picking people whom I’ll love, I should never choose a guy like you.

A guy who cannot stand up on his own decisions. A guy who couldn’t keep his attention to a person. A guy who is not willing to take risks.

Are you happy now?

I hope you are. I did those things to benefit us and I guess I was not wrong. Look at us now, better than before. We matured in some ways. We now realized how early it is to engage in such relationships. Even though things didn’t turn out the way we imagined it before, always remember that no matter how much I hate you, I cannot deny the fact that you were once the reason of my happiness.


Thank you for making me the happiest within those days. My love for you now might not be the same as my love for you years ago, but you can still call me whenever you need someone to talk to.


And I hope someday you will find your girl.


P.S Don’t ask me again, I would reject you this time hahahhha




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