Forgetting Someone

Can we really forget a person?

Well if you have amnesia or what it is possible to forget a person or even a bunch of people. But what about those normal and healthy people? Can they get what they want which is to forget people?

I personally believe that you cannot forget a person. They will always be there. They will always be inside your mind, or you can always see them around when you go out and you can always get bump into each other in this round world. Now how can you forget a creature you always see?

It’s wrong to forget the people. We should not forget them; rather, we should always bear them in our hearts especially the things they taught us. Yes, they hurt you and yes you cannot forgive them easily but forgetting them is not the right way to move on.


To move on is to accept. Accept that despite the hurt they caused to you they’re still walking on the same ground you walk everyday. Accept that they’re continuing their life unlike you who spend most of the nights crying.

Forgetting them would only cover the pain. You might forget about them today and you would feel happy since finally you’re not crying anymore but when you two see each other, believe me, the feelings and the pain will come back to you 2x more.


But it you accept the reality, you would still be okay even if you saw him smiling after everything. You already accepted in yourself that you met him not to be with him forever but to learn things on what you should and shouldn’t do when you already found that someone.


Please, don’t forget the people who caused you pain. Forgive them sincerely and importantly, forgive yourself. Never drop that “what did I do wrong?” question because it would only make the situation more depressing. After everything that happened, chin up and walk out to the world and show to them happy you are. Happiness is not found only in a person, it can be found everywhere; you just have to look for it.


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