The “3 Days 2 Nights” Aguakan Escapade

Heellllooooo its been a loooong time since I last posted an entry so preach me for being hardworking since I decided to make an entry about our trip and believe me, its gonna be a loooooooong one

I just got here on Tagum last Saturday and the family planned to go to Aguakan on Tuesday. This Aguakan Cold Spring Resort family fascination started waaayy back. I think its already a family tradition to spend time to relax there but it stopped when everyone were already busy for their own businesses and it took 8 years to be back there.

Before, it would take 2-4 hours to arrive there since the roads were rough and its located on top of the mountain; the reason why the water is sooooooooo cold brrr.

I was not that excited on Monday evening and I didn’t even prepare my clothes. Due to some reasons I just don’t feel the enthusiasm on going there. My mother woke us up 5 in the morning during Tuesday and I feel like floating that time (ugggghhh mothers). I get that she was so excited to go there since we rarely got a time to relax and it’s a whole family vacation (my grandmother’s children and her children’s children are going thereeee) so that’s why they were all excited.

It was only a one and a half hour travel going there. As I set my foot on the ground of Aguakan, I already felt the coldness of the air. I shivered as my whole body felt their presence but I didn’t care for I was amaazeeeedd on how different it was 8 years ago. The flowers are more defined and they added many accessories that complement to the natural beauty of Aguakan. There were already people swimming there but we (the family) chose to eat our breakfast first. The all-time favourite (Lechon Baboy) was served and never did I want anything that time but to eat! I ate anything as much as I want without thinking I’m going to look bloated as I wear my swimming attire lul.

And here it gooooeeessss, we were still not wet that time but talk about having a veerrryyy naughty little brother, he pushed me and boom! I was stiffened when the coldness hit me (uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhh it was soooo colllddddd and as I was typing this entry, I can still feel the coldness I felt for 3 days!) but nonetheless, I enjoyed every moment of it.

picture2 pa


We tried the slide thing, the diving board thing hahah we jumped, played inside the swimming pool, we experienced losing some breaths while swimming on the deepest part of the pool. We tried everything we could and we thought that would give us fun. We swam until the tiredness fill our bodies. I changed my clothes hour lunchtime but decided to go back after eating. I wasted so much clothes in this vacation lul hahahahaha. During the afternoon dip, we couldn’t take staying in the pool for long since it was going to get dark, the waters became colder and colder so at 5 or 6 in the evening, you couldn’t see people still swimming.

Waiting for my uncle, we kept on playing 4 pics 1 word. I think almost all of the people there installed the game since we had no pocket wifi haha sadlyp. They got addicted to it and it looked like a passing game since they would pass their phone to other people if they don’t have any idea what’s the answer hahha lol.

When they came, I went with my tita and others and helped them cook the food. It was just a simple way of cooking (using charcoals way lang haha) and during the process we talked about the ozone disco and anything that we could thought of haha.

It was hours full of laughters and talks during our first night. Everyone’s wearing their sweaters and long pants to shield against the mosquitoes and cold breeze. It was still quarter to 6 but I thought it was already 8 in the evening. There were only two groups who stayed that night in the resort; the one was us, and the other was the one family on the other side.

I slept beside my brother’s girlfriend (yas naa na siyay uyab hahahha). I woke up due to indistinct noises outside. I wanted to lie down and sleep for a bit but I couldn’t close my eyes anymore so i decided to stand up and sit outside. My uncle talked on how they dipped at 5 in the morning (whhhhhaaaaat?!) It was such a cold morning but we started it by feeding the fishes. I was still not fully awake that time hahhaah you can see it naman guyz hahaaha.


My cousins and I enjoyed feeding them but hated those 3 ducks (hoy tatlong bibe!) they kept on eating the bread intended for the fishes argghhh. After eating our breakfast they already went to the pool, poor me, I chose to swim after lunchtime na. I felt jealous watching them laughing but I couldn’t do anything, I have my reasons huhuhuhu

After lunchtime mehehehe I took my first dip on the second day andd what a relieeeffff. I was shocked when I saw my younger brother jumping on the deepest part of the pool, HE ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SWIM! It was an afternoon filled with my brother trying the slide and jumping on the diving board (hay mini heart attacks every minute) and just like the day before, we got out of the water before 5.


On the last night, it was not that fun since my cousin , Te Caryl, experienced back pain from diving haha.  Before that kasi my other cousin taught us how to dive.We don’t have any past experiences about it so it was quiet hard. I didn’t even got a “close diving look” no matter how I tried it I would result to someone just simply jumping to the water hays but Te Caryl was determined to achieve it so she tried and for her first try, she got the pain hahaha (but guess what? She didn’t stop trying it) 

It was I think 7 or 8 in the evening when my brother decided to take a dip, feeling excited about it, my younger brother joined him and even my grandma and mother haha. I couldn’t feel the jealousy inside, instead all I felt was how cold it was brrrrr.

We decided to sleep when it was already 9 in the evening. Unlike the first sight, I slept better that time.

I told my self not to swim on the third day anymore but lul talk about promises, I broke it. After eating our breakfast I quickly changed my clothes and jumped to the water. How refreshing it is! It was still 6 in the morning,no wonder why the water was sooo cold that time (colder than the previous days!) We took so many photos for Te Caryl didn’t swim. Sh got jealous when the others also decided to take a dip haha. It was 8 or 9 when she ran towards the pool and kept on shouting haha she was so happy her mother allowed her to swim despite the pain.

We enjoyed our last hours in Aguakan. They even planned to extend our stay for our other relatives want to join us but the schedules are full so no extend haha.

People might not get it but Aguakan fills a big part in our hearts. It’s a very special place to us that even photos or this entry couldn’t level the extremeness of our feelings during the stay. I got tanned skin,  body pain, and wounds but I don’t care. It might take another few years before we can get back there and the flowers may not be the same and new rooms might be added but the feelings I have for Aguakan would forever be the same.


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