The Wedding Singer

So I just finished watching The Wedding Singer  and goodness I love it! It’s a 1998 movie and I don’t care! I love Adam Sandler’s character here which is different from the first movie of him I saw ( It was You Don’t Mess With the Zohan) hahahah. I didn’t know he has that good voice! And that song? Grow Old With You? ughhh I’ll forever adore every words and feels in that. It fits perfectly to the movie and it has something special that caught my heart.

The words used in the song were simple but it’s simplicity made it extraordinary! Hayyy I think it would take weeks or months or maybe yearsss before I finally get over to this movie. Thank you, The Wedding Singer, for teaching me that love doesn’t matter on how you feel about someone, it matters on how they make you feel about yourself and I’ll give a credit to you for filling my Sunday.

Here’s Julia thinking she’ll be forever alone haha awww she’s so cuteeee


Have a nice week ahead guys!


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