Sad But True 

Im laying on my bed typing this entry and all I could feel is the disappointment inside me. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that everytime there’s a competition, others prefer to criticize others rather than just being silent.

Maybe that’s the attitude that would forever dominate this world. We prefer to look at others’ mistake than correcting our own. Is this the foundation of humanity? To continue discouraging others? 

Its saddening that it seems like we couldn’t praise people who deseerrrvessss to be praised. If that certain person do something remarkable, we’d choose to look at the unwanted part. That should not be it. 

If she did something good then praise her. If she made a mistake then help her correct it , don’t help other people discourage her. 
We want to be the best. We want to be the one people look up to. We want to be on top. And that’s why we keep on downing others ; cause we couldn’t accept the reality of life that we can’t always get what we want. The reality that there would always be someone who’s better than you. The reality that you would experience downfall in your life.

We couldn’t escape those reality because they are inevitable and one thing that we should do is to accept it. Accept everything then learn from it. 

I hope by making this I can already exhale all these feelings within. Thank you, my dear blog, for being a friend  😉


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