The Sunday Currently | 03

Hey guys! It’s Sunday which means tomorrow’s Monday huhue. Now what am I doing this Sunday?



My twitter timeline. haha that Killer Clowns here in ph is both funny and horrifying like I read a news that said they got beaten up and robbed in QC (?) is that legit? Nonetheless, I don’t find their doings funny. They could literally kill people!!


I’m trying to squeeze my brain out in our Poetry Analysis. I couldn’t comperehend some of the questions so I’m planning to finish this tomorrow hahah


Gagamboy in tv haha. Vhong Navarro was too skinny in this movie lul. But I keep on repeating I Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley agghhhh ❤ I so love the ssooonggg


If I could pass the examinations haha I didn’t study so I might expect a breakdown hahaaha


Nothing hahahaah


For a nice week ahead 🙂


To find perseverance deep within me haha Oh Halp me. I Need Motivation To Study haahaha


Daster. I so love wearing clothes like this.


The book I just finished reading yesterday huhu. Preach me for I already finished Things We Know By Heart  after a month hahahaha 😦 I finally able to insert reading yesterday and it was soooooo good to do something refreshing since these past weeks were very stressful.




A vacation. I said this in my last The Sunday Currently entry and I still need it now huhu


I don’t know. I can’t feel anything hahahahah

So this is me today. How about you?

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