Christ Emphasis Week

This entry might be tooooooo late since the event happened last week but hey! at least I decided to make one.

I think the instructions was given on Tuesday, two days before CEW and it put soooo much pressure to the groups. There were four groups: Blaze, Ember, Sparks, and Flare.

I was in the Sparks group. I thought the groups’ names were corny and the event would be boring unlike the past CEWs buuuuutttttt it tuned out good.

Each group was instructed to come up with a song interpretation and a lip-sync performance with their given songs. Two days of practicing looked so impossible to me! And it’s not literally a two-day practice because we were only given two hours each day practicing students from grade 7-11. SEE?!! Like

How can we do it? Could we really do it?

Those were the questions repeating inside my head. There were misunderstandings during the practices which made it even more difficult for the leaders. I sensed the determination and sincerity of each of the leaders on how they want us to perform not just for competition but to amaze our teachers that we can do it even in such amount of time.

The last hour for practices came (it was Wednesday) and we were still not able to practice fully. I was assigned in the choir group together with many students and those selected few were in-charged for the actions They divided the group and I didn’t know how it would turn out combining both of us.

We finished the practices with no assurance if we could make it. It was a very blank feeling to me that time like i didn’t feel any fast heartbeats or what haha.

THEEEEENNNNNN IT’S THURSDAY AND FINALLY CEW! LUL I’m not really that hyper. I was not excited entering the campus on thursday afternoon.I was like a zombie walking in with a straight face not caring about anyone. I just sat there waiting for my friends to arrive.

It was just like an ordinary event to me, not special.

That’s what I thought it was but it was fun. There were games and probably the most unforgettable for me was the game which you have to find the balloon where your name was written. I didn’t find mine tho :(( zo zadddd


It was a fun afternoon. The speakers filled our thoughts and shared their beliefs about God. That’s just the main point why the event was created, to share what they believe. It was okay for me though we don’t share the same religion. The exciting part came where it was already evening and time for the competition.

After eating our dinner, we changed our P.E uniforms to Gala uniforms. As girls, we tried fixing our hairs to make it attractive and of course, to feel fresh despite the hot gala uniform. Basta it’s a longsleeve with long skirt haha

You must sit together with your group so I was separated from some of my friends. The last speaker said his piece and after that first group was already preparing for the song interpretation contest.

The song chosen by the faculty and staffs was Faith on Fire. It’s connected to our CEW’s theme though. Ember was already finishing their performance and I couldn’t help feeling nervous. Yes, I finally felt the nervous kind of thing hahahaa. I really didn’t know what would happen like okay, go with the flow! kaya natin to mga bes! haha .

I’m the one who need to walk on the stage first for I’m in the last line. I already walked on stage and I felt all those eyes. It was knee-trembling, nerve-wracking, embarrassing experience. I don’t like gaining so much attention. I don’t know how I was able to survive that especially when we were only four or five on stage for the others didn’t came with us!!! THEY DIDN’T CAME WITH USSS

I think it was 2-3 minutes of standing there with people laughing. Who wouldn’t laugh when we looked very ready and that happened hayysss (lul) BUT, after that, we started singing.

Our performance focused on obviously stating the message of the song. Like every move must give something to the audience. We, the choir, stood behind the dancers( which represented the sinners). I didn’t saw the performance of them but it turned out good. My most favorite part was when the sinners already saw the light of God, they were already cleansed, then they passed the light from their candles to each of us. I think we look united that time, happy perhaps. It was a perfect illustration on how we should be. We must pass the light that was given to us, share the words that we heard, to light other people.

The other groups performed as well and all did great. For a two-day preparation, it was a proud moment for the teachers seeing students coming up with those performances.

The funny part was the Lip-sync Competition. I couldn’t stop laughing that time especially everytime I saw some of my classmates on stage. They looked funny, really! hhahahaha hay nako hhhahahhaa.

It was such a beautiful evening that it makes me wish right now to just bottle the memories especially during the campfire. It was 9 in the evening and we were singing our theme song walking around the fire. It was soooooooooooooooo beautiful believe me <3.


It was I think 10 in the evening and we still have to do the counseling. My classmates shared their problems and even our adviser shared hers too. It was a long talk and was only stopped when my classmate’s mother just barged in and looked for her daughter. I was sooo happy she barged in for I could go home already. I didn’t sleep at school that time for some reasons and when I looked at the clock, it was already 11!

Going home means arriving early at school. We have to do some things with the group which made me go there at 4 in the morning. It was not really what I planned. I was supposed to go there quarter to 4 not 4 but oh well, that’s life haha.

It was still dark when I arrived but the guard was already outside! (wuw lumalaban hahaah) I noticed some boys who were playing basketball. WOW 4 IN THE MORNING, BASKETBALL NICE LUL. I just walked straight, not minding those people but when someone called me, that’s when I realized most of them are my classmates hay nako hhaa.

I entered the second gate with the feeling of floating hahhaa I was like a balloon with air who can walk lul. When I went inside the quarter it was very dark but when I heard my classmates (girls) talking on the other side of the building, I decided to go there. But someone stopped me.

It was unexpected. It’s really true that hearing the “Can we talk?” question can make you nervous. I got a hint on what we would be talking about and I was not mistaken.

We tried talking. I sensed that he’s trying to fix it. I too tried that time but we just couldn’t. We’re okay but I don’t think we could answer all those questions plus some of my classmates started sitting with us and talking which made me just leave there to avoid suspicions.

What I notice about myself is that I’m avoiding what shouldn’t be avoided. I tried to escape it years ago but it’s coming back now. I think we should be brave enough to face circumstances. Don’t just avoid it, face it. Don’t let those what ifs cover you.

I tried to get it off of my head. I enjoyed myself by bonding with my friends, exercising with them and of course, the picture taking. It was fun and nice morning despite what happened earlier that time.

The teachers warned us to prepare ourselves for we would play until afternoon! and we really did play until 2 in the afternoon. The four groups created excitement during games and the games itself made it enjoyable.

The last game was the water games and I didn’t participate much during those times for my head and eyes started hurting. I didn’t wear my eyeglasses since the start of CEW which made it worser. I saw the happiness from the students’ faces. They were enjoying the games and didn’t mind the first place, they were aiming on having fun while playing.

after the water games, hahahaha BAHAAAA (sorry for the lq pic)

Announcing the winners was a little bit disappointing. For some reasons ,others from my group couldn’t accept the 2nd place . Most didn’t expect it also since we won so many games but that’s how life is, confusing sometimes hahah.

It might not be the best for me but the memories would last here in my heart. If bottling memories is impossible then I hope I could make the feelings last by posting this entry.

If my future self could still remember this blog and decided to scroll down and read my past entries, I hope I could still remember the things I’m remembering right now. I know that I would someday forget everything but I hope, no, I wish, that reading this entry in the future would make my heart twitch or bring a tear in my eye. That little response is just what I need to know that the memories could still affect me somehow, even after many years.

I thank the people I interacted with during those two days. Thank you for making me laugh, cry, and enjoy the even. Those endless laughs and memorable talks highlighted my CEW experience.

Thank you everyone ! 🙂

P.S Pics are not mine, Credits to the owners 😉


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