Saturday Yay

So our CEW or Christ Emphasis Week event ended yesterday and ittsss time to make our projects huhu.
I finished my reaction paper this morning and the only things that’s left is the case analysis for our front office services subject. The school’s too cruel like the even just ended and they wouldn’t let us enjoy the weekend WHYYYYY!


I want to post an entry about my CEW experience but it would really take hoooouuuurrrssss of making since it was a two-day event and believe me when I say many things happened.

I think I’ll just post it if I can already finish my case analysis. So yeah, have a nice Saturday everyone.

Anyway I couldn’t stop watching Alex & Sierra huhu they’re sooooo cute together and I so love their voice together as well as their song Little do you know. The two of them make me have the bitter feeling like oh sige kamo na! kamo najd! 

I just hate how underrated they are. They could have been so famous today and make waayyy more music. Oh well, that’s how life is, unfair. 😦



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