The “3 Days 2 Nights” Aguakan Escapade

Heellllooooo its been a loooong time since I last posted an entry so preach me for being hardworking since I decided to make an entry about our trip and believe me, its gonna be a loooooooong one

I just got here on Tagum last Saturday and the family planned to go to Aguakan on Tuesday. This Aguakan Cold Spring Resort family fascination started waaayy back. I think its already a family tradition to spend time to relax there but it stopped when everyone were already busy for their own businesses and it took 8 years to be back there.

Before, it would take 2-4 hours to arrive there since the roads were rough and its located on top of the mountain; the reason why the water is sooooooooo cold brrr.

I was not that excited on Monday evening and I didn’t even prepare my clothes. Due to some reasons I just don’t feel the enthusiasm on going there. My mother woke us up 5 in the morning during Tuesday and I feel like floating that time (ugggghhh mothers). I get that she was so excited to go there since we rarely got a time to relax and it’s a whole family vacation (my grandmother’s children and her children’s children are going thereeee) so that’s why they were all excited.

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The Wedding Singer

So I just finished watching The Wedding Singer  and goodness I love it! It’s a 1998 movie and I don’t care! I love Adam Sandler’s character here which is different from the first movie of him I saw ( It was You Don’t Mess With the Zohan) hahahah. I didn’t know he has that good voice! And that song? Grow Old With You? ughhh I’ll forever adore every words and feels in that. It fits perfectly to the movie and it has something special that caught my heart.

The words used in the song were simple but it’s simplicity made it extraordinary! Hayyy I think it would take weeks or months or maybe yearsss before I finally get over to this movie. Thank you, The Wedding Singer, for teaching me that love doesn’t matter on how you feel about someone, it matters on how they make you feel about yourself and I’ll give a credit to you for filling my Sunday.

Here’s Julia thinking she’ll be forever alone haha awww she’s so cuteeee


Have a nice week ahead guys!


When I looked at the sky

I saw your face

It shone together with the stars

But as the satellite passed through it

Slowly you fade away

You went together with the wind

And you left me wishing for another moment

To witness your face at the sky, again.

Sad But True 

Im laying on my bed typing this entry and all I could feel is the disappointment inside me. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that everytime there’s a competition, others prefer to criticize others rather than just being silent.

Maybe that’s the attitude that would forever dominate this world. We prefer to look at others’ mistake than correcting our own. Is this the foundation of humanity? To continue discouraging others? 

Its saddening that it seems like we couldn’t praise people who deseerrrvessss to be praised. If that certain person do something remarkable, we’d choose to look at the unwanted part. That should not be it. 

If she did something good then praise her. If she made a mistake then help her correct it , don’t help other people discourage her. 
We want to be the best. We want to be the one people look up to. We want to be on top. And that’s why we keep on downing others ; cause we couldn’t accept the reality of life that we can’t always get what we want. The reality that there would always be someone who’s better than you. The reality that you would experience downfall in your life.

We couldn’t escape those reality because they are inevitable and one thing that we should do is to accept it. Accept everything then learn from it. 

I hope by making this I can already exhale all these feelings within. Thank you, my dear blog, for being a friend  😉

a rare photo of me char hahaha. 
Im just sooo tired i dont want to study but HEY SELF tomorrow’s the last day of exams so STUDY


The Sunday Currently | 03

Hey guys! It’s Sunday which means tomorrow’s Monday huhue. Now what am I doing this Sunday?



My twitter timeline. haha that Killer Clowns here in ph is both funny and horrifying like I read a news that said they got beaten up and robbed in QC (?) is that legit? Nonetheless, I don’t find their doings funny. They could literally kill people!!


I’m trying to squeeze my brain out in our Poetry Analysis. I couldn’t comperehend some of the questions so I’m planning to finish this tomorrow hahah


Gagamboy in tv haha. Vhong Navarro was too skinny in this movie lul. But I keep on repeating I Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley agghhhh ❤ I so love the ssooonggg


If I could pass the examinations haha I didn’t study so I might expect a breakdown hahaaha


Nothing hahahaah


For a nice week ahead 🙂


To find perseverance deep within me haha Oh Halp me. I Need Motivation To Study haahaha


Daster. I so love wearing clothes like this.


The book I just finished reading yesterday huhu. Preach me for I already finished Things We Know By Heart  after a month hahahaha 😦 I finally able to insert reading yesterday and it was soooooo good to do something refreshing since these past weeks were very stressful.




A vacation. I said this in my last The Sunday Currently entry and I still need it now huhu


I don’t know. I can’t feel anything hahahahah

So this is me today. How about you?

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Christ Emphasis Week

This entry might be tooooooo late since the event happened last week but hey! at least I decided to make one.

I think the instructions was given on Tuesday, two days before CEW and it put soooo much pressure to the groups. There were four groups: Blaze, Ember, Sparks, and Flare.

I was in the Sparks group. I thought the groups’ names were corny and the event would be boring unlike the past CEWs buuuuutttttt it tuned out good.

Each group was instructed to come up with a song interpretation and a lip-sync performance with their given songs. Two days of practicing looked so impossible to me! And it’s not literally a two-day practice because we were only given two hours each day practicing students from grade 7-11. SEE?!! Like

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Saturday Yay

So our CEW or Christ Emphasis Week event ended yesterday and ittsss time to make our projects huhu.
I finished my reaction paper this morning and the only things that’s left is the case analysis for our front office services subject. The school’s too cruel like the even just ended and they wouldn’t let us enjoy the weekend WHYYYYY!


I want to post an entry about my CEW experience but it would really take hoooouuuurrrssss of making since it was a two-day event and believe me when I say many things happened.

I think I’ll just post it if I can already finish my case analysis. So yeah, have a nice Saturday everyone.

Anyway I couldn’t stop watching Alex & Sierra huhu they’re sooooo cute together and I so love their voice together as well as their song Little do you know. The two of them make me have the bitter feeling like oh sige kamo na! kamo najd! 

I just hate how underrated they are. They could have been so famous today and make waayyy more music. Oh well, that’s how life is, unfair. 😦