Almost-Midnight Thoughts

It’s 11:25 pm and I’m still awake. I just finished sending movie posters to my groupmates and I hope they could find a good one. I’m still trying to be productive at this hour because tomorrow (I’m very sure) I’m just gonna sleep maybe all day.

This daaayyyyy is so tiring but fun. We shooted for our Noli Me Tangere and we encountered hardships like the sea was vey aggressive! We couldn’t control the boat that much so we needed to be quick! Our groupmates’ boat sunk and we were just laughing haha! We even recorded that hahahah lol. And after that, we enjoyed the salt water  yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey.

I really don’t like getting the main protagonist role in a Filipino subject for the girl always has a partner and its so awkward doing romantic scenes to someoneeeeeeee.

I got home with the skies getting dark. It was nearly 6 pm and my feet were aching I couldn’t barely walk huhu. The remaining hours passed by so fast I didn’t realised it was already 9 pm and I sill didn’t eat my dinner. I lost my appetite and I thought maybe there’s something wrong with meee?!! hhahahaha but I know it’s just because I drank water immediately once I got home so maybe that’s the reason why.

It’s already 11:33 pm and I couldn’t stop thinking about someone. It shouldn’t be like this. I thought everything would just go back to normal but now, I think it wouldn’t be. This should be stopped. And if he can’t do it, then I will.


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