So I just finished watching Train To Busan and goodness it’s a fantastic movie! Korean movies always, alwayyyyyssss amazeeee me.

What I love the most about the movie is that no one overpowered the other. The casts performed well and their characters fit to the movie which made it more realistic. In times like what happened in the movie, some would only think about their lives but some also think about the others. The versatility of each of them made it astonishing!

So yun nga! I didn’t cry though hahha but my sister did. I don’t know what happened to me lol I wanted to cry ,no, I’m crying inside but I couldn’t put it into action like my heart was really aching but no tears came out haha.

I appreciate the daughter’s acting though and that pregnant woman! she was just so bravee despite losing her husbanddd 😦

And who would forget the scene where the two friends got infected 😦 they would have made it but yeah, this man just came in and ruineeeddd everything!!

Shame on youuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Sometimes, a sacrifice has to be made. 

While watching the father teaching the pregnant woman how to stop the train and saying his last words to his daughter, I realised how underrated a father’s love is.

Almost all the tweets I saw online only said “Retweet if your mom is your hero” bla bla and it’s very rare to saw someone tweet that for their fathers.

There’s a scene where the husband of the pregnant woman told the father about how all the sacrifices would be worth it and many more. I hope the people would look deeper about the essence of the movie. It’s not just about surviving a zombie outbreak and killing people, its more than that. It’s about sacrifices, friendship ,and bravery. We never know what’s to come. The movie might become a reminder to everyone to never lose hope and to love the people while they’re still with us.

Thank you Koreans for making such wonderful movie. You guys never failed to amaze me and everyone. Keep it up!

Here are some of the photos in the movie

P.S I do not own any of these. Credits to the owners.

They’re the two friends I’m talking about
The pregnant woman and her husband
The father. I think this is the part where the people wanted them to go out. agghhh
Anddddd here’s his daughter!

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