The Best Way To Live

“The best way to live is to live.”

My classmate reacted when he heard that. He said he couldn’t understand and we, my other classmate, explained it to him.

Why is it the best way to live?

Because some people just exist and that’s not living.

I read the book The Beginning of Everything and until now it’s my favourite. It’s about a man who got into an accident and how he completed his self again. On the last part book of the book, it said;


The male protagonist spent his whole life existing, just sit in the corner and let the fate do its work but that’s not it. Life is about living. It is about influencing other people, discovering yourself, making your own fate. 

I was having a hard time before figuring out the difference of existing and living and now I realised maybe I wouldn’t really know the difference if I’ll just keep on existing. If I’ll just keep on building up my walls so high and won’t let other people reach me.

Little by little I started living. I’m starting to discover myself and to influence other people because I think that is the purpose of being a human; to affect the people. But the others see it in a wrong way, they abused the purpose of life and now many are suffering.

And I finally understand their difference, existing is to let other people work on you, let other control you. When you think you couldn’t do anything good so you’ll just let those things happen to you.

Living, on the other hand, is to do what you meant to do. When you choose to take risks in life and don’t let those obstacles and challenges dominate you. It is about enjoying the life fully while also learning from it.

Come to think of it; what if all those words kept silenced by the many would be exposed? It could change everything. It could affect everything.

Now that’s why living is the best way to live because if you choose to lurk inside and literally don’t care about the world, what you was meant to do wouldn’t happen. If you choose to do your work and care for others then you can be one of the rare people in the world.

“The ship on the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

We are built to explore. We are meant to discover what’s hidden. Let’s all find our worth, our place to this world. Right now, I’m still discovering myself and I know I’m not the only experiencing this. It might take days or months or years I don’t care, at least I was able to know why I was given this life.

To the person reading this, I hope this would inspire you to know what you’re capable of. Identify those missing pieces in your life and fill the holes. I know staying out of your comfort zone is hard but keep on trying and maybe, hopefully, you can finally found what you’re looking for.

P.S In case you’re interested about the book, click here for a preview!


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