The Sunday Currently | 01


I’ve been wanting to make a Sunday Currently entry but I was busy these past Sundays annndddd now’s the time since it’s holiday tomorrow! yaayy!



People’s entries for The Sunday Currently haha I don’t know what to do first so I need some guide lol


This post haha but I just finished writing my reaction paper for Noli Me Tangere. I’m so productive, yes, tularan niyo ko! haahah


Del Monte Kitchenomics but when i finished typing that, the show ended so I’m currently listening to Sunday Pinasaya (I love AlDub that’s why)


About our research paper. We were supposed to interview cosmetologists yesterday but our leader didn’t show up 😦 Talk about group meetings hays


The oil on my nose hahaha I don’t know what to call it but that’s what I’m smelling now lol!


To buy the cap I saw online huhu but it would cost me much since I have to pay for shipping fee and the cap is already expensive (so luoy is me)


For the UT Bundle I ordered to arrive already (I love Jonaxx huhu Queen J notice me senpai). The admin said she will start sending books to Vis-Min maybe next week. I’ll wait, sanay na akong maghintay haha! Charlang


The shirt I wore last night and shorts. Someone used the glass-effect on me or what you call that basta when you use a glass to make you feel better. Basta ganoin. That’s why I didn’t take a bath today llooooll


The clothes I’m wearing. It’s too comfy. lovelots


Mango Float huhu I want desserttssss


A port for my MacBook Air (uggghhh) I couldn’t use this for reporting in school. 😦


A little not good. My right eye is hurting and I don’t know why. I hateeeeeeeeee this

So this is me on Sunday. How about you?

P.S Here’s Jason Mraz on top to remind us that we are all beautiful.

Oh wait! I suddenly remember Grace VanderWaal singing her original song with a beautiful thing on its title lol

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