Kindness; A Lifestyle

It’s ber-months already and I can sense it just by looking at the clouds during lunch time on Thursday. I can’t help feeling sleepy for the weather was sooooooooooo nice (ugghhh I so love sweater weather ) but when someone announced that we will go to the computer room, I thanked myself for not feeling lazy of going (since the last time I was really tired). I was excited, at least.

The cold temperature greeted us and I was shivering. I didn’t bring any jacket because I thought the weather would not last long! (kung minamalas nga naman). Pastor Paul was still not in the room but Sir Dan commanded us to arrange the chairs already. A teacher was tutoring her students and I tried to be quiet but guess what? Still not!

Few minutes later, my classmates and students from other section came in and we were more than the last gathering. Pastor Paul arrived carrying a plastic bag. He sat just a chair away from me and started filling something inside the bag. I was curious and I thought he will drink it. If only I knew it would play a great part in the event.

Pastor Paul prayed and we started reading a verse. After that he made us sing a song which has confusing moves (looooool) . I enjoyed it though.

Now in the verse we read, there is a word kindness and Pastor started discussing it.

“Kindness is love in action”

I heard that famous phrase almost everyday but during our Time-Out event today, Pastor Paul changed it.

Since the phrase is too mainstream, maybe it’s time to change it. So “Kindness is a lifestyle” was created.

Why is it a lifestyle?

Because kindness should be done everyday. Kindness is not being kind only during happy moments in your life but also in the lowest point. Real kindness can be expressed in 3 ways;

Fist is through your words.

Pastor Paul asked us how many times in our lives we think before saying something or if there’s someone in the room who practices the “think thrice” policy. No one raised their hand, we all laughed at that haha.

Even Pastor Paul experienced not being able to control his mouth when he lectures students. He’s our guidance counselor so its a veeerrrryyyyy difficult job.

He told us about his friend who always think before speaking. Sometimes he got bored talking to that friend because it would take seconds before it will reply; but all the words who came out from his mouth were all good words. Those were few but very meaningful.

Second is through your actions.

Just a tap to someone could change his or her life. Just by your small gestures, it could already mean big to a depressed person.

Last is through your attitude.

Now Pastor Paul told us a story about a guy who gave his bullied classmate a handkerchief. They were not close. Time passed and they graduated and worked for life. The guy became rich but one day, his company was bankrupt. He was lost. Lonely. Scared.

Now he was strolling around the park,sat on the bench when someone gave a handkerchief to him. It was the same handkerchief he gave to his classmate only something was written on it,

I will take care of your company

It was an inspirational story. Though it was one of too-good-to-be-true stories, I couldn’t help but feel awed. Maybe that’s how powerful a word is. One word and it could either complete or shatter you.

If only the people possess that kind of kindness. If only people were trying to uplift each other instead of criticizing every now and then.

I admire kind people but Pastor Paul told us the different side of the coin.

Sometimes , others abuse or misinterpret your kindness.

If you’re being too kind, people will hold it against you. If you’re being kind to all, people will misinterpret it.

Misinterpretation. One thing why there is already boundary between men and women. I tend to act softly on women only for I don’t want issues or what if I’ll act similarly towards men. But is that how it should be? Shouldn’t we treat each other equally? Fairly?

Now Pastor Paul showed us the first jar (so he was filling small jars pala). It was cute and the ink which he poured ( the ink was color red) made it more fascinating. He said

Let’s imagine that this [the jar] is  person who has kindness.

It was quite full but not completely. Now he gets the second jar. The water in it was less than the first. He said

Now this [second jar] is a person who still has kindness. But not the same with the first. Now what would this [first jar] do?

 First thing that came into my mind is the first jar to use its content to fill the second then Pastor Paul did pour it to the second jar. It was full already but of course, the first jar lost some.

Pastor Paul repeated doing it until the fourth and last jar. Now he asked us if what would the fourth jar do when it saw the other jars not full?

It would fill them. More than what it got from them.

Now that’s the essence of kindness. It might take months or years but the kindness you gave will be given back to you; or the person you’d given kindness would share it to other people.

He reminded us that despite criticisms or what, the challenge is to continue being kind.

And maybe that’s what the people , us, need to know. That we should all possess kindness. After all, being kind will not only benefit a person but would also greatly affect the people that surrounds you.


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