Where Is The Love


I can still remember singing Where is the love? by Black Eyed Peas together with my seatmate last week (i think) and now the song becomes really relevant.

I came from Tagum City, Davao del Norte and I was frightened when I heard the news. I woke up with my younger sister asking my father something about explosion. I neglected it but when I checked my facebook account, a notification came out asking if I was okay.

“What’s happening?”

“Explosion? What?!”

I opened my twitter and saw people tweeting about Davao. I couldn’t believe it! Davao is one of the safest city in the world so I never thought this kind of attack will happen.

Months before that my relatives were going to Davao for an assembly. They were reminded to be vigilant for a threat was escalating over Davao. We were joking in our group chat that time then this happened.

I was happy seeing people sending their condolences but I saw some filipinos who were bashing Davao. Mocking Duterte.

I couldn’t help but feel angry! We are FILIPINOS. We should be united as one. YOU should be supporting Davao. When you guys needed help, Davaoeños were there to help you yet this is what they got in return? Criticisms instead of condolences?

It hurts to scroll on my news feed. I saw my fb friends mourning for the death of their friends. It hurts seeing how they were once happy bonding with each other.

Where is the love?

Where is the love for the country? The love for the fellowmen? The love for everyone?

As I chatted my relatives, I can sense their fear. What happened was very injustice! Now the people will forever fear going to crowded places again. My hometown has a night market and now almost all don’t want to go there anymore. It will never be the same again. Never.

I’ll be praying every night to all the people in Mindanao, to the people of the Philippines. I hope what happened in Davao would be the last for I couldn’t take it if something will happen to Tagum City or to other places in the Philippines.

Keep safe everyone. Stay Strong Davao!

Tindog Dabaw!!



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