Expectations, Favoritism, and Disappointments (What happened before the actual event)

It’s time for the general practice

A higher student said that and we needed to stop preparing our props to go to the stage. We were tired and nervous. Many people will watch and the pressure of performing first took over us. We wanted it to be perfect. As much as possible, no mistakes but when we already saw the audiences also waiting for their turn, I couldn’t feel my feet. I suddenly heard my heartbeat and my classmates whispered to each other how nerve-wracking it is to perform with such a crowd.

We chose to not show them our acting part first for the final presentation will be tomorrow. We sat and just waited for the emcee to call us. The elementary students were very noisy. The teachers were trying to stop them but they couldn’t. Then a teacher scolded us. We should listen to whatever they’re saying at the stage and minimize our voices.

Then they called us. We arranged ourselves according to what we practiced. I thought the performance would be great.
But it was just a thought.

We made a mistake at the first few seconds of the play abd I saw teachers staring at us with a cold face. I can sense their disappointments. They were whispering to each other and I don’t know how we were able to take another round and perform the speech choir up to the last.

After performing my classmate told us to go to our room and practice. The next to practice was for the Balagtasan. 

Unya na. Tan aw sa ta sa balagtasan

We wanted to witness the balagtasan but they were committing too many mistakes. The teachers still cheered for them. And I couldn’t help but feel angry.

Favoritism. One thing why students get tired of doing their best. It’s hard to exert your best-est effort when almost no one appreciates it.

When we committed mistakes no one cheered. No one motivated us but when the son of our principal didn’t deliver it nicely and they didn’t even completed their practice yet the teachers still applauded.


We were all disappointed about what happened. They expected too much that they thought our practice would be flawless.

We lost motivation to act well, to perform well in front of many people. We encountered enough humiliation that we didn’t want another one. It was already a tiring day then what happened made us even more stressed.

Kill ’em with kindness. Let’s prove them wrong

Those were the words who inspired us to practice again and again. We wanted to prove them wrong. To show them how great we are. But it doesn’t change the fact that many were affected, and I’m one of them. My classmates were fighting and I badly wanted to interfere but I knew them that I shouldn’t. I would just add fuel to the fire instead of cooling it.

But talking would not do any thing. It would not result to something good.

Luckily, the tension were already gone but my classmates decided to kicked out those who were not doing their best.

That’s the reason why the next day many were frowning.

Sometimes, you don’t have to show your vengeance through violence. Success is enough.


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