“Adto mo sa computer room inig lunch sa thursday”

Almost all of my classmates were excited when they heard the invitation of Pastor Paul this past Monday. Few days went by and tada! it’s already Thursday. My classmates were already preparing and can’t stop talking about the said event and I just sat there trying to ease the pain of dysmenorrhea (oops!) . I’ve been battling inside my mind whether I’ll go or not but someone just made me choose between the two.

“It’s obvious that you guys have some conflicts though you guys don’t want to state the obvious but not stating the obvious made it very obvious. It would be very helpful to all of you to go there for some counselling. Am I wrong or Am I very wrong?”

He made me speechless again for the second time. I don’t know what to answer to him. I can’t spill even just a mere word! I know he’s been watching  observing us but I can’t believe he frankly told me that.

He already left the room after a few minutes and I tried to forget what he said by talking to some of my friends. We started preparing and they brought their bibles with them while I brought nothing (I ain’t lazy please don’t judge me haha!). On our way to the computer room I can’t stop thinking about what would happen at the event. Pastor Paul only told us to bring a bible and nothing more. We were all clueless which made it even more mysterious!

We arrived and the cold air greeted us. I saw almost all of my classmates forming a circle with Pastor Paul in the middle. I positioned myself at the centre which means I’m facing Pastor Paul. Yes. I’m such an idiot. I can feel my heart pumping way too fast. “Why am I nervous, I should be enjoying this” I tried to calm myself by saying that in silence. I diverted my attention and saw Karl filling something with air. Almost all were trying to joke around. I guess we were all trying to light up the ambiance since Pastor Paul is one of the most respected officials in our school, he has that kind of aura that will make you listen to him, or fear him.

Pastor Paul said that they’ve already done this before but was stopped for three years. He wanted for the event to happen again so he invited us and officially, we are the pioneers of Time-Out. They call this gathering Time-Out and I don’t know why (haha!).

After talking about the past, Pastor Paul passed the cellophane already filled with air to us. At first I don’t know what we’re going to do with it but he started explaining.

The game has four rules :

  1. Do not let the cellophane reach the ground.
  2. You shall not touch any body part of someone who’s also playing the game.
  3. You shall not say anything. Play the game in silence.
  4. You shall not have an eye-to-eye contact to other players.

If you violate any of the rules,you should sit down.

We were all challenged! I can’t stand not saying anything especially when I’m playing a game! But we can’t do anything so we played.

I stood up and went to the left side of the room. I was excited I can’t wait for it to start. When Pastor Paul gave us the Go sign and told us he will be watching, we started hitting the cellophane and tried our best to not violate any of the rules. Then I lasted for like, 10 seconds, or earlier. Feel free to judge I know I’m such a loser hahaha! I sat down and also saw my classmates doing the same. We can’t stop laughing, even Pastor Paul was laughing!

He gave us a chance and took his cellphone to film us. Feeling giddy about the game, I went near him and played there (for inspiration charot!) . It fell to the ground and I failed. I sat back to my chair and continue laughing there. That was fun!

When all were already done playing, we talked about the funny moments during the game and how hard it is not to violate the rules. Pastor Paul explained us what the game was all about. It was about honesty.

He asked how many of us cheated during the game, a few admitted and Pastor Paul appreciated their honesty. Now that’s how honesty works. Most of the people now only shows honesty when people are watching but when there’s no one, you cannot find any honesty in their hearts. Pastor Paul told us the story of David and how he disobeyed God. It just amazes me every time I hear bible stories because most of them were sinners. They committed mistakes not unusual to this generation, yet they remained close to God.

A true honesty happens when you’re alone. But remember that God can see all of you and all inside you. Dishonesty starts in your mind. If you thought of doing it, you are already committing a sin, what more if you put it into action or worst, you even affect the people around you.

Then Pastor Paul performed his very own “Don’t Lie To Me” trick where you’ll choose a card from the nine chosen ones and the person who picked a card will tell what card he/she got. He/She can lie and Pastor Paul will identify if you’re telling the truth or not. The person sitting beside me, Paul FJ, volunteered first. He chose one and let us see it. He told Pastor Paul the real card he got but sadly, Pastor Paul forgot his trick anymore 😦 . Pastor told us before he performed the trick that he might forgot it since already 16 years had passed by. He tried again, still failed. And again, and failed.

Due to our limited time, Pastor Paul told us that he will practice his trick again and will try the next Thursday. He said we’ll keep the cellophane for us to remember what happened at that day. We bid our farewells and thanked Pastor Paul for the enjoyable event. He will look forward for our next meeting again and the happiness on his face was indescribable!

And as we went out of the computer room, the memories still lingered on our minds hoping not to be erased.


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