No Reasons

“Do you really have to have reasons when you love someone?”

Someone asked me that because we were discussing about the love of Maria Clara and Don Crisostomo Ibarra. I answered no. I think that’s the essence of love. You love him because you love him. End of story. Then I questioned him “Why? Because when you love someone you always have reasons?” he just said “I’m now finding reasons why I love her” . That left me speechless.

Do people really need to have reasons to answer the why-do-you-love-me question? I think that’s one of the reasons why many couples are breaking up. You might like her hair, her body, her pretty face, her skin, etc. but what if all those reasons will be gone? What if you both got into an accident and she doesn’t possess those sexy body, pretty face, fair skin and shiny hair anymore? Would you still love her? I guess not. I hope yes.


At this point of my teenage life, I’m trying to find love in the midst of hate. I’m trying to find love in this chaotic world. I’m trying to find hope. Hope. One thing why there is love. Love gives you hope. The hope to find solace. The hope to find happiness. Happiness. A treasure which stays hidden to most people. A gem that only a few found it. A diamond that only some could get. But free to most people who acquired the sword called love.

With love everything comes next. But only a few got the luck of love. Why are there still sufferings because of love? Is this the other side of the coin? Can the misfortunes change the fate? My answer is yes. How? Just continue loving.

Love truly and someday you will be happy. Maybe not today but someday. So in order for you to love truly , do not find reasons why love that person. Love his whole. Love his everything as well as the flaws and respect each other. With that, there is a bigger chance for a stronger and healthy relationship.

Love with no reasons. That’s the best kind of love.

Here’s Jason Mraz’s Love Someone to complete this blog post. Will always be one of my favourites.


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