Book Currently Vol. 1

So I’m currently reading Things We Know By Heart (my apologies for the blurred photo, too tired to take another shot haha!). Actually I’ve been trying to finish this book for I think the last 3 weeks but it was our exam week last week so I’m here stuck on Chapter 14 hahaha SHAME ON ME!

The book talks about a girl who wants to meet the receiver of the heart of her deceased boyfriend (is that even understandable? Lol) . So it’s a sacrificial and healing love concept. Read a few chapters and already hooked to it but because of the limited ability of my eyes (huhu) to read, I can’t finish it immediately! My old reading habits were already broken and now, I cant read until midnight unless I want to wake up the next morning throwing up for the whole day Arghh. So it’s a great read! Even more nice to read if you want to appreciate your life truly.

So below is just one of the thousands of beautiful and meaningful qoutes inside that book. Enjoy!



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