Oh Nothing Just Me Sharing 1.1

“Tabang, unsa man akong buhaton?”

I encountered that question a few days ago and the only thing that I answered was “Wala jod ko kabalo.” 

I seriously don’t know how to answer every time someone asks me or wants to ask for some advice. I think the best way to do is to think about the things you’ve done in the past and how it resulted to that. I, myself, don’t know the real story so imagine how hard it is for someone who don’t even have a single idea about what’s happening to tell you what to do.

Asking some advice is a dangerous act. Either you’re the victim or the suspect, if that person first heard your side of the story, he/she will directly root for you and give you some advice that will only benefit you. I think that’s 65% true (based on my personal observations only hah!). It’s better to know first the cause of the problem and never let pride take over you.

To someone who asked me for help, I hope you already know the answer to your question. Remember, the heart never fails you. Just believe and pray for help.


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