Hi! First of all I want to congratulate Pia Wurtzbach for bringing home the Bacon! Yes, Finally after 42 years, the crown is once again OURS.

Now, I want to post my say about what happened during the announcement.

The announcement was very unexpected. The mess was done already and I really admire Steve Harvey for correcting his mistake. Although the Colombians’ rage towards the show could have been prevented or lessen if they immediately stopped Paulina Vega from crowning Miss Colombia. It could have been less painful for Miss Colombia and to her fellow Colombians as well , but again, the damage was done already and at least, the Filipino pride won!

Pia just raised the standards of every Filipina who dreams on becoming the next Miss Universe. Social awareness, being confident and true to your self, and having the spirit of a humble winner and a good loser are the factors that will definitely make a women a Miss Universe.

Guys, It took Pia 3 years and 42 years for our country to claim the crown again. This only means that everything is possible if you wait and work hard for it.

“I want to show the world-the universe rather- that I am confidently beautiful with a heart” 

-Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015



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