Happy 16th, Self

It’s 10:12 and two more hours and its the end of my happy day. I was already going to sleep but I don’t want to end this day without writing.

As usual, people greeted me today. I know that it might only be a simple greetings to others but it really gave me a pinch of happiness. The thought that they really made time just to type those things and remembered my day, ugh it feels good.

Honestly, this day became extra special to me. I don’t know but “that” message made my day. It was sent at exactly 12 midnight and I hated myself for feeling kilig the moment I read it. Whyyy, why do you have to make me feel kilig the whole day? It’s terrifying to feel this way.

Buuut, so much for that. Since this is my day, I just want to typically talk about myself.

Last year was a rocky one. It definitely challenged my self-worth and my decision-making. I’ve experienced so many things with so many people that I couldn’t put it into words. To summarize it all, it was an upside down journey but thank you to the people who didn’t give up on me and still saw my potential and appreciated my flaws.

Before this day ends, I want to thank all the people who greeted me with love and sincerity. Those are for keeps. Thank you also for the people who made this day shine brighter for me. Though the past days were pretty stressful, you guys diverted my mood.

Lastly, Thank you, self, for surviving the past 15 years. We’ re gonna past through this year again and I hope that regardless of the circumstances, you’ll still be here fighting for your self. 🙂


As I listened to 2013 songs, it brought back memories. Memories that I shouldn’t remember nor recall but what can I do? Do I have to hit my head against the wall to forget all those things? I can’t. I won’t.

I felt the coldness of your hands and I thought maybe your heart is as cold as that hand. I don’t want to keep those fragrant moments, if possible I want to erase them immediately, but there’s something about your trembling hands that made my mind travel back to that exact time of our lives.

Why feel nervous all of a sudden? Nervous about the people watching? Or nervous because you have to do it with someone you don’t like?

I couldn’t possibly recognize the feelings I felt. It was puzzled, bizarre, confusing emotions. I know I should have stopped this long ago. I stopped, you know. I held back myself from giving attention to you and I know I’m treating you like a stranger but I’m still aware of you. And I’m aware on everything you do to her.

W0W, I wrote this on the 17th of February. I can still remember that pang in my heart. I fell but right now, I’m happy. I know the happiness won’t last long but please, let me be happy. Just this once.

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So I checked my drafts and WHAT IS THIS?!


Surrounded by fancy dresses

And fake people.

I stood closer

‘Till the touch of your skin.

Fighting if I should

But in the end I did

what was told.

I touched your trembling hands,

Touched your soft skin,

But never touched your heart.

The Sunday Currently | 06

It has been a while since I posted. Lately, I couldn’t think right about things like there has been so much that happened. Also, the projects and schoolworks are no joke this time around for only few weeks left and I could finally say ba-bye to my 10-month Junior HighSchool. So I felt bored watching tv so I decided to compose a Sunday Currently entry at a Sunday evening (which is very rare). Okay let’s start; How is my Sunday Evening?



I’m not really reading anything but after posting this, I’m gonna read my notes during our Physics class. Oh Science, why are u such a heartbreak?


This post


Hypnotised by Coldplay. Not a big fan of them but they are really a fantastic band.

And oh, have you guys heard ed’s divide??? All songs are fantastic!! FANTASTIC! Perfect is my favorite so far (Though I already listened to 98% of his album’s songs)


If what might happen after Grade 9. And also if what might happen this week. Seriously tho I have this feeling like something happened and I do not have any idea about it. Like everyone has been keeping secrets from me and they are just waiting for it to uncover on its own and for me to discover it myself. Ugh I hate this.




To be able to finish a book!!


For us to finish our Noli Me Tangere filming annnd for me to know what’s this secret is all about.

AND for us to have a successful AP symposium. Goodluck Team Agriculture!


Pajamas and some sleeveless shirt.


It took me a while to write something for this. Ugh I don’t know I can’t think of something that I love.


Books and More kdramas


Some talks and meditations. Its been days since I endure this heavy heart and I want to unfold this mystery already. PLEASE, I want to know what all of this is about. You all have been weird lately around me and everytime I ask about it you guys would just reply with ,”Its not the right time yet.”

What is it and why do it seems like its such a painful truth? From the way you all are trying to hide it and from the way you all are acting.


Heavy. So heavy that I couldn’t force myself to be productive at this crucial time.

So this is my heavy Sunday evening, How about yours? Join us!

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The Sunday Currently | 05 😫

Hi Everyone, (if there are still people who read my blog posts), this is my first post in 2017 and it’s been a while too since my mind decided to make an entry. Actually, it’s our 3rd Quarter Examination tomorrow and what made the situation worser is that we just started regular classes last week; which means it only took a week to take up all coverage. Since a week is such a short time, teachers decided to include those past lessons. So in order to calm my mind a little after facing books for hours, here it is: How’s My Sunday Afternoon?



A Filipino story which is included in our examination. It’s entitled Pabula ng Alibughang Anak or in English The Prodigal Son. It’s a bible story.


This blog post. My hands are actually hurting after doing some exercises last Friday (Perks of having an athletic friend. Charot!)


Not listening to a song. The sounds that I can hear while writing this is our electric fan and voices from a movie on GMA.


If what will happen to me tomorrow. Seriously, I only like studied for half an hour and spent almost the rest of the day watching videos on youtube and reading. I feel so lazy these days argh


*sniffs* There’s nothing! haha


To be able to finish 2 kdramas next week 💪


For a nice year ahead. I can say that I’ve been suffering emotionally since 2015 and greatly affects the way I interact to other people. I was trying extremely hard to keep the positive vibes on the grasp of my hands but I couldn’t. I’m slowly changing the way I think unto things and I am aware it isn’t good. I hope I can finally find my ‘sound’ this year. And more positiveness around! It’s been so long since I became ‘genuinely optimistic’.


A very comfy shorts and blouse. I’m ready to sleep with this clothes!


BLACKPINK! They’re my newly stanned group and I just love them! It’s very hard to choose a bias for all the four of them slaaayy. It’s rare for me to stan a girl group since I sometimes find them ‘pa-cute’ (no offense  to all girl groups’ fans) but with BP, I cannot contain my excitement! I just wish they’ll perform Boombayah (which I know is impossible) for I love their dance moves in that song. BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREYUUH!

And oh, I just saw a post this morning which revealed their official fandom name. Hello fellow BLINKers! 💗


All The Bright Places book and to watch more KDramasss


Sleep. These bags under my eyes keep on staying. I can clearly see black marks under it hay wish I could turn back the time when my face is still fresh 😝 lul


A little not good. I think it’s because of my afternoon nap. And my head is throbbing also which makes it impossible to review to another subjects tonight. Oh dear, please give me some perseverance.

So this is my afternoon, How about yours? Join us!

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Until Trilogy Bundle

Would you believe me if I say that I only opened Until Forever and the remaining still have their plastics on? I’ve been so lazy when it comes to reading nowadays, said by the person who just finished a drama series hay. Oh dear books, spare me from this unacceptable feelings 😝

Binibining Mecah

20160914_190908.jpg Got this last month! Hi Elijah ❤

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Book Currently Vol. 1

Gosh It’s been so long since I finished a book 😦 I seriously ruined my reading habits thanks to all my oppas in the world

Binibining Mecah

So I’m currently reading Things We Know By Heart (my apologies for the blurred photo, too tired to take another shot haha!). Actually I’ve been trying to finish this book for I think the last 3 weeks but it was our exam week last week so I’m here stuck on Chapter 14 hahaha SHAME ON ME!

The book talks about a girl who wants to meet the receiver of the heart of her deceased boyfriend(is that even understandable? Lol) .So it’s a sacrificial and healing love concept. Read a few chapters and already hooked to it but because of the limited ability of my eyes (huhu) to read, I can’t finish it immediately! My old reading habits were already broken and now, I cant read until midnight unless I want to wake up the next morning throwing up for thewhole day Arghh. So it’s a…

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